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Among Us bug makes an army of mini-beans

A new Among Us bug sees a swarm of tiny crewmates spawn around the player, and they behave in some interesting - and for Innersloth, worrisome - ways

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A recent Among Us bug ensures you’ll never go alone in the social deduction game, but it turns out that’s actually a pretty bad thing, at least when it’s not a feature the developer intended. Gary Porter, a programmer with Among Us maker Innersloth, took some videos of the glitch, where a rabble of very tiny crewmates just appears and, rather distressingly, just keeps evolving and swarming around the real bean. It’s all rather spider-like, though crewmates won’t be giving birth via egg sacs just yet.

Porter didn’t say where the bug came from, but as you’d expect, it creates havoc with Unity. The video he posted suffered from extensive lag every second or so, and he said the congregation of crewmates caused Unreal to vomit dozens of errors every second, hence the lag.

What Innersloth understandably sees as errors, fans hoped could be incorporated in the game somehow.

You dont understand how much i would pay to have this pet mob of baby beans,” one commenter said. “Let me make them all different colors too, as if I’ve stolen them from various people I’ve killed as imposter.”

Which is a bit macabre, but certainly in keeping with how most Among Us games usually pan out. Innersloth’s community manager playfully reminded them that so many mini-beans would naturally make them much easier to follow – definitely not the kind of feature you want, even with Among Us’ handy class abilities.

Ease of tracking aside, there’s an undeniable appeal to walking into a small bean and watching it bounce off the wall like a pool ball.

Check it out for yourself on Twitter.

Maybe “lob the bean into the hole” could be a new task someday, but in the absence of Among Us 2, check out some Among Us mods to keep the game fresh and lively for you.