Among Us free map creator lets you design with meticulous detail

An Among Us free map creator has been built for the multiplayer game, and it lets you design your own maps for the InnerSloth social deduction title

Among Us free map creator lets you design with meticulous detail

Among Us is still the top of the food chain in terms of online multiplayer games thanks to its unique premise, and the longevity of the crewmates may just be extending even further as an Among Us free map creator and mod that lets you create your own maps to play with friends is already here.

Called LevelImposter, the DigiWorm-created mod is still in early beta and “not quite production ready,” but the easy-to-use editor is actually available in at least some capacity right now. In fact, here are the listed features of the Among Us free map creator.

Among Us free map creator

  • Easy-to-use editor (now with dark mode)
  • Import custom sprites/images
  • Include any task, vent, or utility
  • Deploy to any LevelImposter user
  • Works with other Among Us mods

To play with the maps all you need to do is download the Among Us mod, boot up the game and select maps, and download any map you want to play, as created maps need to be uploaded to the LevelImposter API first.

You can actually take the Among Us free map creator for a spin either way, as it’s available on the mods download page. We tried it out ourselves, and it’s a good looking UI with a fairly intuitive process behind it. There’s even a guide for how to work it, so don’t worry if you want to learn but don’t know how — LevelImposter has you covered.

It definitely isn’t for the faint of heart though, as when we say intuitive we don’t mean in a Halo Infinite Forge or Mario Maker sense, as this is a bit more deep and detailed than both of those combined.

The source code for the Among Us free map creator is also available online too, so for any fanatics out there, have at it. You can find all details, like a guide, how to download the tool, the tool itself, and more at the Among Us free map creator link on Curse Forge.

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