Among Us coming to village management and sandbox game Tinkertown

Among Us, the hit imposter multiplayer game from Innersloth, is crossing over with village management and sandbox game Tinkertown, out now on Steam

Among Us coming to village management and sandbox game Tinkertown: Some sus imposters from multiplayer game Among Us

Among Us, the hit imposter-based multiplayer game by Innersloth just announced a brand-new crossover with village management and sandbox game Tinkertown, which is currently in Steam Early Access.

As you’d expect from Among Us, where nothing and nobody are ever as they seem, details on the collaboration are currently mysterious, with only a few scant hits on what to expect when the sus multiplayer hit meets the adorable management and building sim. What we do know, however, is that the two games’ universes will be crossing over in a way that sounds pretty substantial – rather than just a few cosmetics or optional items, it sounds like the worlds of Tinkertown and Among Us are expected to fully merge.

“It’s hugely exciting to have the iconic universe of Among Us collide with the sandbox multiplayer world of Tinkertown,” says Dieter Schoeller, vice president of production at Tinkertown’s co-publisher Thunderful. “To work with the talented team at Innersloth to be able to bring the globally recognised phenomenon that is Among Us to our players has been a real pleasure.”

If you’re not familiar yet with Tinkertown, it’s a kind of cross between pastoral life sim Stardew Valley and a building-based RPG like Terraria. Playing alongside your friends, you explore an expansive open world, slaying enemies, looting resources, and using them to build and craft your own idyllic village. Though it’s still in Early Access, Tinkertown has received several substantial updates, and is soon expected for a full release. It joins other recent Among Us collaborations including Halo, Ratchet and Clank, and the Scream horror movies.

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