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Among Us mod makes you a capitalist House Flipper tyrant

Among Us mod turns the social deduction game into a town renovation game in the style of House Flipper, as demonstrated by YouTube personality SSundee

Among Us House Flipper mod

An Among Us mod inspired by House Flipper and demonstrated by YouTube personality SSundee turns the popular social deduction game into a neighbourhood renovation simulator in the style of competitive House Flipper. Players aim to complete tasks for money and collect enough resources to build their own houses. Meanwhile the ‘imposter’ player, taking on the role of the ‘rich guy,’ aims to trash the players’ houses and kill or evict them from the map.

In his video demonstrating the mod, which is currently under development by his company DoubleJump and not yet publicly available, SSundee is named as the capitalist imposter. Upon revealing his true form as a top hat-and-tails-wearing, monocle-sporting figure, sets about the map causing chaos among his fellow players.

Much like a regular game of Among Us, players must complete a variety of tasks – although here there’s no ship to be maintained and fixed, but rather jobs to be completed in order to receive payment. These include filling up cars at a petrol station and making pizzas by slapping tomato, cheese, and pepperoni slices onto a base. Completing these jobs earns players money, which can be used in conjunction with wood, nails, and cement found around the map to purchase a plot of land and begin construction on your dream home.

The chosen capitalist, however, has a vast wealth of tools at their disposal to disrupt and destroy this progress. As the game progresses, SSundee pours concrete over players to trap them in place, sets fire to the wooden frames of houses under construction, calls in the Mayor to evict people from their land, and even drops meteors on players’ heads to finish them off in spectacular fashion.

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While this mod doesn’t appear to be publicly available yet, we’ve got all the best Among Us mods that you can get your hands on right now. If you’d rather play more of the game this mod was loosely based on, you’ll be pleased to know that House Flipper is getting a sequel next year.

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