The best Apex Legends heroes ranked

Respawn’s battle royale boasts an eclectic cast of champions with contrasting personalities that inform their skill sets. As their abilities are both distinct and complex, we’ve ranked each Legend from best to worst.


The crow-bearing mercenary’s kit is all about spotting and tracking enemies.

Bloodhound’s tactical ability briefly reveals where enemies are positioned, which helps hardened pros calculate attacks, while newcomers will feel safer while exploring unfamiliar parts of the map.


The conventional soldier of the crop, Bangalore is a solid pick for those with good aim and anyone who’s learning the ropes.

Her smoke grenade is a standout ability as it synergises with Bloodhound’s ability to see through everything.


Lifeline suits team players best as she can heal and call in supply drops.

Her ability to quickly revive downed players is great for getting teammates back into the fight, so you don’t have to worry about racking up kills.


This speedy fellow is all about flanking and hopping over buildings with his jump pad.

Octane does lose a bit of health when he uses his speed boost, but the damage is barely noticeable, and won’t pose too much of a problem.


Mastering Wraith isn’t easy, but it’s worth the effort.

Her abilities focus on teleportation and invisibility, which allows her to move her teammates around the map and get out of danger in a pinch.


This quippy robot is all about big movement.

His handy grapple hook can whisk him away to hidden locations while his ultimate extends that ability to everyone else on the map via a zipline. Just be careful where you set it up.


The flashy trickster is fun to use, but irritating to be around.

His abilities revolve around deception and holograms, which are great for evading danger, but can compromise the team he leaves behind.


The poison-peddling champion is deadly in small spaces thanks to a medley of poison gas traps.

Sadly, he loses some of his edge out in the open and is let down by having a larger hitbox than others.


Gibraltar is easily penetrated despite being known as the shielded fortress.

He has the largest hitbox in the game, and while he does have a small shield while aiming down sights, it’s still too easy to hit him.