The best auto chess games

Forget battle royale, there’s a new gaming bandwagon for developers to chase: auto chess games. Inspired by a successful mod for Dota 2, there are now three major standalone ‘autobattlers’ - so which is the best?

What is auto chess?

Auto chess games are turn-based strategy games in which you place hero units on an 8x8 board and play one of seven other opponents each round. The winner is the last player left standing.

If you lose on your board then you’ll take damage, and between rounds you’ll earn varying amounts of gold to invest in more units, leveling up, and upgrading your heroes.

Dota Underlords

Valve saw the success of the Auto Chess mod for Dota 2 and made an official version. Dota Underlords follows the original auto chess formula very closely, but differs in that you always get an item for winning a loot round.

Dota Underlords can be played on PC or mobile for free, and Valve has promised a battle pass, Underlords characters, and more rewards in the coming months. Pick Underlords if you love Dota’s heroes, prefer less RNG, and enjoy a good UI.

Teamfight Tactics

Teamfight Tactics is Riot’s answer to the auto chess phenomenon, and places greater emphasis on combining items to win. Its strategies are a bit easier to learn and matches take roughly 25 minutes, which is relatively quick.

TFT lets low-health players pick champions from the draft pool first, which is handy for newcomers. If you prefer League of Legends’ champions or are making your first foray into the genre, then this is the auto chess for you.

Auto Chess

While it’s not on PC just yet, Auto Chess is already on mobile and will arrive on our platform soon. Auto Chess is being made by the original developers behind the Dota mod, so this is where the genre began - the real McCoy.

Without access to Dota’s assets, Auto Chess has had to invent its own characters. They are heavily inspired by those of Valve’s MOBA, which might feel a bit cheap, but when it comes to balance and updates, developer Drodo Studios leads the pack.

Chess Rush

Unlike the official Auto Chess game, there’s no word on whether Tencent’s take on the genre will make it to PC, so only play this if you’re looking for an auto chess to play while playing other auto chess games.

So what does Chess Rush bring to the table? This autobattler’s main advantage is its variety of modes. You can play Chess Rush in turbo mode for a fast-paced match, challenge AI bots, and even enter co-op matches.

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