The best GTA 5 mods

GTA V’s sandbox is a phenomenon. Years on from release, people are still buying it in their droves. If you're one of them, here are the best GTA V mods to make Los Santos even more homely, or ridiculous.

Vehicles Jetpack

What’s better than zooming around Blaine County in an amped-up hypercar? Doing so in a ride that can fly, obviously. This mod will make you even more of a high flyer, putting all your poxy land-based mates to shame.

With Vehicles Jetpack, the famous gridlock of Los Santos - not that you obey the rules of the road anyway - will be a thing of the past. Now excuse us while we double check which button activates the ejector seat...

Iron Man Armour

But what if you could fly around the skies of GTA without using a car? This Iron Man Armour mod lets you leave your tired motor behind and get into the cockpit of Tony Stark’s super suit, so to speak.

Not only is Iron Man’s suit handy for getting around and doing the weekly shop, it’s effective in a gangland scrap, too. Use the suits repulsor blasters to make even the unflappable Trevor tremble in terror.


With its large sandbox world that lets you go from zero to penthouse-dwelling, supercar-driving hero, you could be forgiven for thinking GTA V is a role-playing game. It isn’t, really, but GTA RPG shunts the open-worlder further in that direction.

This mod adds a questing system, character creator, and branching dialogue trees. Along with skill trees for weapons and vehicles, it gives you all sorts of reasons to book a repeat visit to Los Santos.


Grand Theft Auto can be full of zombies. But, this time, we’re not talking about the rat race on their way to work, coffee cup fused to their hand like a caffeinated drip.

With this Zombies mod you can add your more traditional flesh-crazed shufflers to the sandbox and try to fend them off in wave-based survival modes.

Trucking Missions

GTA is all about bank jobs and carjackings, but what we all really want is to add a balancing dose of logistical mundanity to the crime-infested experience. Enter Trucking Missions.

These additional quests bring the world of Truck Simulators to Grand Theft Auto as you deliver cargo to the US Government while slavishly obeying the speed limit. Now isn’t that a nice change of pace?

Gravity Gun

Why should Gordon Freeman have all the fun? Gravity Gun puts Half-Life 2’s famous weapon in GTA so you can somehow raise even more hell than you were before.

This weapon mod lets you target vehicles and humans before unleashing them at a succession of both unfortunate and eminently combustible targets.