The best Sims 4 mods

At the heart of The Sims is a thriving mod community, avid creators who build weird and wonderful free additions to the base game. New items, creature transformations, careers, and behaviours - they’ve done it all. Here are our picks of the best.

More Careers

Choosing a career path for your sim is a highlight of the game, but if the standard jobs aren’t enough for you there are even more diverse roles listed on the ModTheSims careers page.

Modders have created a wealth of opportunities including cyber hacker, oceanographer, and even becoming a member of the Ministry of Magic. If those are too extravagant for you then there's also a humble postal service appointment.

Emotional inertia

When a sim’s feeling down it only takes a couple of clicks to perk them up again. But the Emotional Inertia mod changes the way your sims feel in a way that’s more attuned to how us real-life humans do.

Sims’ moods will be prolonged, and you’ll need to put in more effort to change their frame of mind. It’s pretty challenging, but this mod will make The Sims considerably more lifelike.

Have some personality please!

This mod changes the way sims act to better reflect their personality. It replaces idle chit-chat with actions based on each sim’s traits. and is directly connected to their moods, conversations, and relationships.

This means that particularly romantic sims will pick romance over being mean, while very angry sims will yell at everyone. We’ve all had those days...

Meaningful Stories

This mod changes how your sim reacts to personal experiences, important life events, and memories that they will remember throughout their life.

With Meaningful Stories your sims pour their hearts out to the people who matter to them, creating deeper bonds between friends and family.

Become a Sorcerer mod

Possibly not one to use with angry sims, the Become a Sorcerer mod puts epic spells at their disposal to use as they please.

When they reach a high enough level they’ll be able to conjure powers such as immortality, teleportation, and can even kill other sims to gain 50,000 Simoleons. Brutal.

House Boat

Get your hands on some prime real estate with the House Boat mod. If having a house on solid ground is a little too passé for your sim, then let them get their sea legs.

The House Boat mod lets your sim build a small but stylish boat and, presumably, save a bunch on council tax. Quite the extravagant lifestyle.

MC Command Centre

MC Command Centre is a collection of smaller mods that give you the power to make adjustments and tweaks to how sims live their lives.

Don’t like a particular item of clothing? You can blacklist it. Is an NPC interaction annoying you? Take control of that NPC and change it. Need to eat dinner? Save your game and quit - ok, this option is technically always available.

Gender Preference

This mod allows you to control which gender your sims are attracted to. You can make your sims prefer males, females, both, or have no preference at all.

This mod also allows you to choose percentages of attraction between genders, meaning you can make your sim prefer women just a smidge more than men.