How to unlock the Nemesis Exotic in The Division 2

The Division 2’s Nemesis is the most lethal weapon in the game, able to deal over four million damage per shot with the right build. It’s tough to get, so here’s a step-by-step guide to unlocking this Exotic sniper rifle.

Before you start

Make sure you do the following before you start grinding for this Exotic. Firstly, you’ll need to complete the Tidal Basin stronghold once on ‘story’ difficulty and reach a Gear Score of 475.

Secondly, each part of this Exotic is tied to a different Invaded stronghold, and these rotate weekly. So the fastest way to grab the Nemesis is to grind it over four consecutive weeks.

Step one: The Tally

For the first part, play through the Invaded Tidal Basin stronghold. Look out for a small compound with a comms building and a laptop you need to interact with inside. Head upstairs to find a keycard.

Upon reaching the hovercraft, fight your way to the first floor gantry at the far end of the cargo hold, then open the door with the green keypad. Next, open the crate inside and deconstruct the Adrestia SR1.

Step two: The Scourge

The next Invasion after Tidal Basin is the Capitol Building - you’ll need to complete a couple of Invaded missions to unlock this. Simply defeat the final named boss of the Invaded stronghold to get the second part.

Step three: The Scales

Next is the Invaded version of the Roosevelt Island stronghold. Again, clear any necessary Invaded missions then start the stronghold - the named boss you’re looking for this time is Erin ‘Shorty’ Linwood.

Step Four: The Bridle

For the fourth and final part you’ll need to kill Aurora ‘Klutz’ Kay in the Invaded District Union Arena stronghold. However, you still need to get the blueprint…

Step five: Puck’s Nemesis Blueprint

To craft the Exotic sniper rifle you’ll need the blueprint, which you can get by defeating the very first named boss in the Invaded Grand Washington Hotel mission, Phaedra ‘Puck’ Lao.

This does not appear to be a guaranteed drop, so you may need to repeat this step. You’ll encounter this boss very early on, so if it doesn’t drop simply restart the mission.

Step six: crafting the Nemesis

With all of the Exotic parts and the blueprint, head to your crafting bench at the Base of Operations, making sure you also have a spare 99 Credits, 35 Polycarbonate, 25 Carbon Fiber, and 82 Receiver Components.

Now hold X to craft the Nemesis and keep those fingers crossed as the damage stat that rolls with this Exotic can vary wildly. We got ours to roll with a generous 330K damage per shot.