Ten E3 2019 games we’re most excited about

It’s that time of year, the Electronic Entertainment Expo. E3. The annual bonanza of interactive fun is descending on LA once again, and that means games, games, and more games. Here are the ones we’re most amped to see.

Cyberpunk 2077

Few titles threaten to dwarf everything else at E3, but CD Projekt Red’s behemoth 48 minute reveal of Cyberpunk 2077’s gritty open-world did just that back at E3 2018.

This year at E3 2019, CD Projekt Red look set to do it all over again. We’re crossing our newly-augmented fingers for a release date, but really we’re just excited to drink in the noxious, seedy fumes of Night City all over again.

Halo Infinite

343 Industries didn’t give us a lot to go on when it came to the return of Master Chief last year: all we know is that it exists and it’s called Halo Infinite.

That was enough, then, but now we want more. We’re hopeful that we’ll see more of the large, open environments 343 are promising, rendered in all their gorgeousness by the ambitious new Slipspace engine.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

EA hasn’t promised too much for E3 2019, however Respawn chief Vince Zampella has confirmed we’ll see the first gameplay snippets of Jedi Fallen Order, which certainly makes up for the smaller show.

Even after the disappointment of Anthem and Star Wars Battlefront 2, we can’t wait to bask in the whoosh and hum of lightsabers once again, such is the power of Star Wars.

Doom Eternal

After too many years of staid, repetitive FPS campaigns 2016’s Doom reboot reminded us how a shooter should be done: as a hyperactive chorus of viscera and heavy metal.

As if follow-up Doom Eternal couldn’t get gorier, Doomguy is now equipped with a sharply-serrated arm blade, plus a grappling hook and flamethrower. Internal organs just don’t get more beautiful than when id are behind the wheel.

Borderlands 3

How are we going to choose the best boomstick from an arsenal of one billion guns? Gearbox’s cel-shaded looter shooter certainly spoils us for choice in that sense, but now we have multiple planets to plunder and pillage, too.

We’ll see more of Borderlands 3 at E3 2019, but we’ll also grab a glimpse of a new vault hunter. It might be a tad less likely, but seeing a Borderlands 3 raid in action would make our show.

Gears 5

Presumably Microsoft were so excited about a new entry to the third-person shooter series they forgot to put ‘of War’ in the title.

Us PC players are certainly in for a treat with Gears 5, too. This fifth entry is built “from the ground up for PC” which means we will hopefully be bathing in Locust gore in 4K 60fps. Lovely.

The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is Obsidian’s newest first-person RPG since Fallout New Vegas - arguably the best in the series - and we’re clearing our calendars to get ready for a game with just as much charm, choice, and consequence.

Chiefly we’re talking about the Flaws system, which lets you take on further perks if you’re willing to accept some drawbacks. The world is arresting without being overwhelmingly huge, and certainly packs plenty of personality.

Dying Light 2

The original zombie parkour title terrified you into evading the undead mob in style during the pitch black of night, but the sequel scares things up in the daytime as well.

Choice is more important than ever in Dying Light 2 as multiple factions vie for supremacy in the fictional post-apocalypse of Harran. Oh, and legendary writer Chris Avellone is on board, in case you weren’t already convinced.


We’re itching to see more of Control’s ever-shifting infinite world at E3 2019. Announced at last year’s show during the Sony briefing, this third person curio from Max Payne developers Remedy Entertainment looks the business.

As Jesse Faden, the newest director of the shadowy Federal Bureau of Control, you must take on a reality-corrupting enemy with your gun. It’s not just any weapon, though: writhing into various forms and shapes, it’s essentially Excalibur.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Taking its sweet time in Ubisoft’s oven, we’ve seen Beyond Good and Evil 2 at Ubi’s last two E3 conferences, so we’re hoping to get a definitive release date this time.

If you don’t know why you should be excited about this one, ask your parents as the first game is really rather old. Either way, this sci-fi action-adventure is seems to get more ambitious with each showing, so consider us excited.