How to get Fortnite Fortbytes

Fortbytes are hidden collectables in the Fortnite map that both reveal more about season 9’s story and will eventually bag you a nice new skin. There are 99 in all, which should keep you busy. Here’s how to get the trickiest ones.

Fortbyte 7

This piece of the puzzle needs you to first have the Cuddle Up emote equipped. You get this at tier eight of the season 9 Battle Pass, so you won’t have to play for long.

You need to use the cheery emoticon at the southern point of the ‘rocky umbrella’, a divot found south-east of The Block. Do that on the raised platform and Fortbyte 7 is all yours.

Fortbyte 22

Fortbyte 22 sees you heading to the underbelly of the futuristic cityscape, Neo Tilted. But first you need the Rox spray, which is unlocked by tier six of the Battle Pass.

Approach from the southwest and find the underpass to the left of the open truck. Spray your level six cosmetic in the corner near the floating piece to grab yourself Fortbyte 22.

Fortbyte 36

First things first: don the Sentinel skin in order to get your claws on this pesky little byte. You get the big robot chicken skin bundled along with the season 9 skin at level one. No sweat.

Now that you’re in your poultry exosuit you need to glide to the frozen islands in the southwest corner of the map. The icy northwestern land mass is where Fortbyte 36 lurks.

Fortbyte 64

Whatever you do, don’t look down. Fortbyte 64 can be claimed at the top of Stunt Mountain using the Rox skin. Rox is also unlocked at tier one of the season 9 premium pass, so equip her to get started.

Stunt Mountain is the perilous hill south of Pleasant Park, and on its peak rests the 64th Fortbyte - it can be found in front of a sign between two tall trees. Don’t try this at home, kids.

Fortbyte 81

Night owls, beware: you need to venture out, bleary-eyed, into the desert biome for puzzle piece 81. With the sun shining and the moon hidden away, find the mesa southwest of Paradise Palms.

Near a cactus wedge on the hill’s southern side is the ribcage of a long-dead animal. Show it the utmost respect as you grab Fortbyte 81 from its dusty innards.

Fortbyte 82

You’ll need the help of friends to claim this hidden computer chip. Northwest of the user-generated area of The Block, a co-op puzzle can be found amid a clump of trees.

There you’ll discover three platforms surrounding a fourth at their centre. Once three players stand on a platform at once, Fortbyte 82 will reveal itself.

Fortbyte 92

It’s likely you’re at least Battle Pass tier two by now, so now you can crack on with Fortbyte 92. Level two bestows the Rock Love Spray upon your inventory, so - after a thorough shake - let’s get started.

You need to use the spray near a lavafall, which means the fiery base of Pressure Plant is the place to go. Fortbyte 92 is on the small northern island surrounded by magma.