Angels Fall First enters Early Access with a small team and big ambitions


According to developers Strangely Interactive Ltd, Angels Fall First has been in development for over seven years and hasn’t had a budget, with the development team dedicating their free evenings and weekends to creating the game. It’s been in development so long, in fact, that it’s being built in Unreal 3. 

It looks interesting, as far as shootygun games go – a bit like Planetside 2 on a smaller (and bigger, at the same time) scale. There are only 64 players per match, but it blends boots on the ground infantry battles, heavy armour encounters and space battles to create a sense of a larger scale conflict.

Players can assault enemy fighters in their own combat craft, taking on the giant motherships or even guiding them inside to disembark and attack from within. It could be a lot of fun if it ever achieves its vision.

This being Early Access, though, there are still quite a few issues that could potentially affect your enjoyment. It might be worth holding out until it’s a bit more fleshed out, unless you want to support the developers because you believe in their vision.

According to the Steam page, it will only be another year before the game leaves Early Access.

Have a look at the trailer to get a taste of what’s in store: