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Anno 2205 gets first lot of free DLC as promised

Anno 2205 DLC

As developers Blue Byte suggested not long after its release last year, Anno 2205 has received its first batch of free DLC. Whitewater Bay not only serves up a new continent fresh for exploring and building, but it’s also the game’s largest area to date. 

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Free for everyone who owns the base game, the new Temperate Earth session slots in alongside the latest Anno 2205 patch 1.3, offering some new and welcomed optimisations. Wildwater Bay lets players grow their corporation, claim coastal and mountainous slots, and bask in 100,000 acres of space. That’s plenty room to tinker with its handy modular buildings.

Most interestingly, the new DLC’s sector quest is set against the mysteries left unsolved by the abandoned underwater cities from the last Anno game. Expect some neat crossovers if you’re familiar with the series’ history.

Three new ornaments have also been tacked on, as well as tweaks to the Corporation HQ – it can now up the overall public building supply capacity; and players now serve to gain from a clearer World Market interface.

Moving forward, Blue Byte plan to add more free DLC to Anno 2205 as they go, while players can look forward to the next big update – the Tundra expansion, due towards the end of February. Another paid batch of DLC is incoming, Orbit, however its release date is as yet unknown. Both Tundra and Orbit are included in the Anno 2205 Season Pass on Steam.

Patch 1.3’s changelog in full can be found via the Ubisoft forums.