Anno 2205 multi-sessions explained in new video, build your utopias simultaneously

Anno 2205

Anno 2205 releases November 3rd, and brings with it a pretty big innovation for the series. Rather than progressing through a series of areas sequentially, you can manage various locations and cities all at the same time. Developer Blue Byte describe this as ‘multi-session gameplay’, and they’ve made this pretty video to show you exactly how it works.

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The multi-session approach means you can have multiple cities running simultaneously across the game’s three different zones: temperate, arctic, and the moon. You can trade between your cities, and use them together as a web for a much less isolated experience than in previous Anno games. It provides a feeling of growth, rather than starting over every time you move to a new zone.

The video also teases a Season Pass, which will add a Tundra zone, and the ability to create orbital space stations.

Both myself and Fraser have been hands-on with Anno 2205, and found it an enjoyable and exceptionally pretty addition to the series, if suffering from being a little segmented. Will you be putting your city management hat on next month?

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