Anno 2205 shows off its beautiful cities and moon craters in new Gamescom trailer

Anno 2205

Ubisoft and Blue Byte have prepared a new trailer for Anno 2205, and it takes a lovely cinematic tour through the game’s futuristic cities, before igniting the engines and blasting off to the moon.

The trailer also shows that combat will be part of the game, with naval fleets bombing the heck out of each other with shells.

If you were hoping to get a taste of Anno 2205 early, unfortunately Blue Byte have dashed your hopes by cancelling the beta for pre-orderers. Instead, people who have already dropped cash on the game will get an in-game bonus.

Anno 2205 is playable at Gamescom’s show floor, but we got to take the city manager for a spin just before E3, and found it a beautiful and interesting sim, if a little on the easy side.

Anno 2205 will release November 3rd.