Anonymous screenshot suggests HD remake of Flashback is in development


This picture was sent by an anonymous source to the French gaming site Gameblog and apparently shows that a new HD version of the classic platform adventure Flashback is in the works, 21 years after the original. By itself, the image may not count for much, but Gameblog also point out that, back in 2011, Le Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (part of France’s Ministry of Culture) granted €300,000 to
a studio called VectorCell for a project going by the name of Flashback Origins.

It turns out that Vector Cell was created by Flashback designer Paul Cuisset.

I remember the original Flashback as being a little like Prince of Persia with a gun, since it featured similar rotoscoped animation and a lot of running and jumping. It looked something like this:

Flashback received rave reviews, became a big seller and was followed by a fully 3D sequel called Fade to Black. The series was due a third installment, but creators Delphine Software went bankrupt in 2004. Still, it looks like we haven’t seen the last of this series.

Thanks to VG24/7, who had to combat roll past several traps to find this information.