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Another comic reboot: Marvel Heroes to become Marvel Heroes 2015 on July 4th

Marvel Heroes 2015

Multiplayer action RPG Marvel Heroes is only a year old, but it’s already being rebranded. As Marvel Heroes 2015. Someone needs to tell Gazillion that it’s 2014. But if this is how Gazillion wants to celebrate the one year anniversary of Marvel Heroes, then who am I to rain on its parade? 

Come July 4th, which I believe is also some sort of holiday in the land across the Atlantic, Marvel Heroes becomes Marvel Heroes 2015. The new-old game will have improvements across the board and new end-game raid content for veteran heroes. 

“Marvel Heroes 2015 nicely represents everything we have accomplished and intend to accomplish with one name,” said David Brevik, CEO of Gazillion. “We’ve come a very long way since our original launch a year ago, and the now imminent release of Marvel Heroes 2015 alongside our massive anniversary celebrations marks the beginning of something even better. Whether it’s defending the X-Mansion or recruiting your favorite superhero as a Team-Up, we’re excited to continue delivering on our community’s expectations. We truly believe we put more improvements into our game than any other iterative release out there. The 2015 moniker reaffirms our commitment to keep doing it.”

I reviewed Marvel Heroes at launch and found it to be a by the numbers ARPG with badly thought out multiplayer. I stuck around for a month or so, but then went elsewhere for my superhero kicks.

I did return earlier this year, and found the game greatly improved, but not so much that it could steal my attention from Diablo. If you’ve exhausted Blizzard’s offering, however, you could do a lot worse than Marvel Heroes, especially since it’s free.

Cheers, IncGamers.