Anthem will be getting a beta, please act surprised

Anthem beta

Remember Anthem? It’s BioWare’s Destiny, which they announced to quite a lot of (our own) excitement back at E3. There’s been precisely zero news since with it even skipping Gamescom entirely. Now, thanks to a tweet from game director Jonathan Warner, we now know it will be getting a beta – which, yeah, just about everyone had guessed already.

For everything we know about Anthem’s javelin exo-suits, plus much more, check our dedicated article.

Here’s the tweet:

After the tweet was picked up by the small-but-dedicated Anthem subreddit, he answered a few follow-up questions asking for details, but couldn’t really say any more. Anthem is still “a distance out” so it’s “too soon for details” on whether the beta will be open or closed, and which platforms we’ll get it on or anything else. It could simply be a Mass Effect: Andromeda style pre-order bonus, rather than anything that will affect development.

Honestly, we thought this had already been announced, because clearly it’s going to need one given the complexity and promise of the project and its online nature, plus it’s just part of making big games now. But I checked around and couldn’t see an official announcement anywhere, and everyone’s pretty surprised over on Reddit, so here we are.

In any case, Anthem’s still not expected until 2018. The next time we’re likely to hear anything is one of the two upcoming PlayStation shows – Paris Games Week at the end of October or PlayStation Experience in December. Of course, it may skip them entirely and simply be re-shown during E3 2018 for the big almost-here reveal.

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