“It’s a f**king fifty-foot exo suit” made of corn – BioWare’s dedicated a field to Anthem

Anthem corn maze

Can a man not love his corn? Such is the question racing through the mind of art director Neil Thompson as he stares lovingly at his latest materials. As part of a marketing initiative, but also possibly an attempt to prove it’s possible to have too much money, BioWare have drawn a picture of an Anthem exo-suit in a giant corn field in Edmonton, Canada. You can see why, sort of, in the video above.

For some actual facts on the game, here’s Anthem’s release date, javalins and more.

Star of the show here is definitely Thompson, who looks by the end like he’s ready to make love to an ear of corn. Missed a career in acting, clearly. Jesse Kraay, owner and proprieter of the corn maze, just about manages to convince me he honestly isn’t sure what’s going on, and I respect that.

As for the game itself, this is about the level of press we can expect for it, at least for the next couple of months. EA have confirmed they won’t be showing Anthem at Gamescom, and it’s not due out until next year.