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Three months after it was supposed to launch, Anthem’s Cataclysm update is finally here

Anthem's first major content update has landed at last


August 6, 2019 The Cataclysm has finally arrived in Anthem.

At this point, it’s safe to say Anthem’s launch didn’t exactly go as planned. The developers spent plenty of time putting out the fires early on, and that’s led to some substantial delays to Anthem’s planned roadmap of free content. The biggest early update was scheduled to be the Cataclysm event, but that date has obviously come and gone.

Now, three months later, the Cataclysm update is live in patch 1.30. It’s been a pretty quiet rollout, but patch notes are live on the official site, along with a breakdown of what’s included in the update. Of course, players broadly already know what to expect from the Cataclysm, since it’s already been available on the game’s test servers.

The patch also brings a new gear slot for melee weapons, max luck for all players, better drop rates at high difficulty tiers, new exotic gun types, and Legendary and Masterwork versions of support gear, all of which should make the loot grind a little more palatable. Grandmaster 2 and 3 difficulties have also been made a bit easier, giving enemies less health and shields to work with.

The patch is a weighty 15.76GB on PC.

Exactly what this means for Anthem’s future remains to be seen. BioWare’s principal Edmonton studio has moved to work on Dragon Age 4, while BioWare Austin has taken over Anthem’s continued live service updates – a hand-off which was planned long before Anthem ever launched.