Anthem leveling guide: fast ways to level up and farm XP

Chasing the level cap? Here are the most efficient ways to level up in Anthem

anthem leveling guide level up fast

Looking for a fast and simple guide to Anthem leveling? If you’ve already beaten the main campaign of Bioware’s looter shooter then the next major milestone for you to reach is max rank, which you’ll attain at level 30. Anthem boasts a hefty grind between the end of its campaign and its endgame, so you’ll want to discover the fastest ways of farming XP to make the process a little less tiresome.

Currently, there is not a huge amount to do once you reach the Anthem endgame – one of quite a few criticisms we discuss in our Anthem PC review  – but Bioware promise they are working on the live service side of the game, adding more events, Strongholds, and the Cataclysm event over time. Still, you’ll want to level up fast in Anthem in order to be ready for these updates when they do arrive. If you’re totally new to the game then you’ll want to learn all about Anthem combos, primers, and detonators as they all grant bonus XP.

To make that process as seamless as possible, we’ve prepared a handy Anthem leveling guide showing you the most efficient ways to farm XP and breaking down how you earn XP in-game.

Anthem leveling explained

Unlike similar games, XP in Anthem isn’t rewarded every time you defeat an enemy, it’s instead granted upon completing feats and activities. Feats cover pretty much every combat action, so you’ll earn chunks of XP for everything from melee kills and headshots to combos, however you won’t actually earn this until you complete an activity. Once you’ve ticked off a quest you’ll be taken to reward screen that combines all of your feats and alliance bonuses, and delivers it to you in one wad of XP with some bonuses sprinkled over top. However, generally it’s the activity you choose that dictates your Anthem leveling efficiency.

anthem cataclysm

Anthem leveling tips

One of the best ways to do this is by reinforcing Strongholds, which is where you join another party of Freelancers and help them complete their Stronghold. This will grant you all the ordinary completion bonuses, as well as a substantial bonus for helping another team. As Strongholds are quite lengthy, there’s also a higher chance that you’ll complete a heap of feats while you’re at it. You can also reinforce missions if you have less time, but the rewards won’t be quite as good. Make sure to check your menus to refresh your memory of what feats are available so you never miss a trick when it comes to earning XP.

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Freeplay is a great way to farm XP in Anthem, too, provided you know what to do. If you complete World Events in a Freeplay session they count as a general feat: the first will grant you 200 XP, the second 400 XP, and the final one 800 XP. Turn those in at Fort Tarsis to reset the feat tracker and then head back into Freeplay to complete more World Events. If you find the shortest World Events and get fast at completing them then is one of the fastest ways to level up in Anthem.

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Another way of leveling up rapidly is to make sure you’ve completed any and all contracts you may have accepted while in Fort Tarsis. These are lucrative and turning them in will likely unlock even more contracts for you to finish off. Finally, don’t forget to play missions on the hardest difficulty you can muster. There isn’t a huge spike in difficulty and you’ll get some additional XP for your trouble.