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Anthem Storm build: the best Storm combos for elemental evisceration

These Storm Javelin builds will help you deal maximum elemental damage

anthem storm build

Looking for a high damage Anthem Storm build so you can start slaying endless hordes of Scars with maximum efficiency? We’ve been soaring through the world of Anthem with the elemental Javelin to see what attacks, abilities, and combat styles work best for this glass cannon.

Playing as the Storm Javelin you will find you’re often having to retreat behind cover to regain shields, making it pretty difficult to strong your powerful abilities together. The Storm’s best assets are its elemental ice and electric abilities, but also its high mobility, which allows you to glide around the combat arena avoiding most damage. Sniper rifles work well with the Storm Javelin as your meagre armour rating means you’ll want to be far away from the large crowds of enemies.

To help you throughout your Freelancer career and get you leveling up fast in Anthem, we’ve prepared a quick Storm build guide below. And if you’re more interested in creating your own Anthem builds, then we’ve got a guide on that, too.

As we’re still in the early stages of the game’s release these are not complete builds with every Component and weapon thought out, instead these Anthem Storm builds are designed to give you an effective combo and style of play to start experimenting with.


High damage Anthem Storm build

  • Primer: Ice Storm
  • Detonator: Burning Orb
  • Support: Quickening Field
  • Weapon 1: Truth of Tarsis
  • Weapon 2: Death From Above

This genius Anthem Storm build was thought up by YouTuber Arekkz, so full credit to him. This build is all about crowd control as it uses two elemental abilities with area of effect, so while they are both strong against single targets, they truly shine when up against crowds of ads.

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The Primer, Ice Storm, allows you to freeze a group of enemies, which is helpful for your whole team as it makes trash mobs a lot easier to deal with, but also makes it much easier to target weak points. Your detonator is Burning Orb, which is essentially a thesaurised fireball. It also deals area of effect damage and sets targets on fire. Use them together and you get and area of effect combo with two abilities that recharge quickly, meaning you can rinse and repeat to keep minor enemies at bay.

Storm not to your liking?
Anthem Ranger build

Anthem Interceptor build
Anthem Colossus build

With the Quickening Field support ability, which reduces cooldowns, and some high ground, you can manage the battlefield with ease while your fellow Javelins clean things up and deal with the tougher enemies.

As for weaponry, we’ve chosen the Truth of Tarsis as it can act as a second detonator and combos very nicely with your Ice Primer, especially when targeting weak points. As for your secondary, Death From Above is practically made for a Storm build as it increases damage to enemy weak points by 65% while hovering.