Antigraviator will bring breakneck split-screen racing to Steam June 6


As satisfying as a hard-nosed racing sim like F1 2017 can be, there’s something to be said for the eye-watering speed of the arcade. Antigraviator, a sci-fi racer featuring blisteringly fast split-screen local multiplayer, aims to scratch that particular itch when it launches June 6.

You’ll race in an anti-grav ship around impossible tracks, using traps and power-ups to get ahead. Antigraviator throws a unique twist into the mix: there’s no limit on how fast you’re theoretically able to go.

Check out the new launch trailer:

The official press materials say Antigraviator will ship with 12 tracks across four sci-fi planets, and you’ll be able to play against friends in split-screen local multiplayer as well as online. Throw in ship customization options and a bumping soundtrack, and it looks like a pretty attractive jolt of adrenaline.

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We had a chance to take Antigraviator for a spin at GDC earlier this year and came away pretty impressed. You can read our impressions of the demo here.

Antigraviator is the debut title from Belgian studio Cybernetic Walrus, and it will launch on PC through Steam June 6, with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launches to follow at a later date. You can check out the game’s Steam page or official site if you’re keen on some new old-school arcade racing.