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AOC just rewrote the rules on 4K monitor prices

Gaming performance isn't top priority of the U27B3A and U27B3AF, but if you're looking for a cheap 4K monitor, you can't go far wrong with these options.

aoc u27b3af 4k monitor 00

AOC has just announced two new incredibly cheap 4K monitors, the AOC U27B3A and U27B3AF, and while they don’t boast stunning gaming specs, they look set to provide a super-sharp image with the great viewing angles of their IPS LCD panels. Not only that, but they also offer the 10-bit color depth required for HDR-like colors.

While AOC‘s new 27-inch monitors are unlikely to disturb the top spots on our best gaming monitor guide, they’re clearly up to the task of gaming as well. Their specs include reasonably speedy 4ms response times, while their adaptive sync support will offer smooth gaming on modern graphics cards, free from tearing and stuttering.

The chief limitation of the U27B3A and U27B3AF, then, is that they top out at a 60Hz maximum refresh rate. That makes them wholly unsuitable for any fast-paced games, such as competitive FPS titles, and would even be a bit of a stretch for racing sims. However, most RPG titles, slower-paced, single-player FPS games, or just any of the vast number of other game genres where ultra-fast reaction times aren’t the be-all and end-all, should find these screens up to the job.

Back to the features of these displays, the U27B3A and U27B3AF are differentiated only by the latter (above) having a height-adjustable stand with 110mm of travel, while the former (below) has a fixed stand that only offers a small degree of forward and backward tilt. Otherwise, both displays include a pair of 2W speakers, a 100 x 100mm VESA mount for use with monitor arms, an internal power supply (so no power brick), and display connections consisting of one DisplayPort 1.4 input and two HDMI 2.0 ports.

And what is this low, low price? Well, the current pricing details are for the UK market, but we’d expect a US release to have equally competitive pricing. The U27B3A costs just £189.99 (~$202), while the U27B3AF is priced at just £199.99 (~$213). AOC hasn’t confirmed US pricing yet, or if the monitors we’ll be launched in the US yet, but it would be great to see these low-cost 4K screens get a worldwide release.

While we wait for those displays to arrive, you can check out our current top-choice of 4K gaming monitor, the Corsair Xeneon 32UHD144, which is a pricier screen but one with great gaming performance.