Aperture R&D is a Portal-derived web series you might like

Portal 2

Gosh, there’s an awful lot of game-themed internet TV about, isn’t there? This one comes with the monetary endorsement of angel investor, Double Fine chum and Kickstarter big spender Steve ‘Dracogen’ Dengler, which is as useful a differentiator as any. Aperture R&D comically charts the pre-Chell days of the entertaingly evil science corp’s tech advancement division, and its first episode is available to watch right now.

The series is the work of Wayside Creations, the LA production company responsible for Fallout: Nuka Break, which lots of people liked.

I can confirm that the small team of writers, directors and producers have captured enough of Portal’s cheerful cruelty to pass eight-and-a-half minutes happily enough, with the help of a capable cast. The script is far from Erik-Wolpaw-by-proxy, though, and R&D has a vibe all of its own.

What is doesn’t have is the voice of GlaDOS, which in the uninterative visual medium remains the preserve of Guillermo Del Toro, apparently. But nevermind that. What did you think of its small scale office antics?

Thanks, The Verge.