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Apex Legends: A Wee Experiment quest guide

Apex Legends’ latest questline has players investigating gravity lifts on behalf of a mysterious scientist

Horizon from A Wee Experiment questline in Apex Legends

Just received A Wee Experiment quest in Apex Legends? After a little lull where not much seemed to be going on in the game, Apex Legends is back with a slew of events. As well as the Aftermarket Event which added a bunch of new skins and the Flashpoint limited-time mode, we’re getting our first taste of Dr. Mary Somers AKA Horizon. After weeks of quietly idling by, the battle royale game is once again firing on all cylinders and revving up for Season 7.

Horizon is running some experiments across King’s Canyon and World’s Edge and we’re lucky enough to be her lab rats. Charming way to introduce yourself, right? Anyway, if you’re keen to scuttle around fulfilling this strange Scot’s quests like a giant human-rat-murderer hybrid (life goals – ed) or just want to find out more about her, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve got our full guide on Horizon, Apex Legends’ Scottish scientist, but if you specifically want to complete her quests, then this is the page for you. In all likelihood, you opened the game to a cryptic message sending you to the Firing Range. Spoilers, that’s the first stage of the quest.

Here’s how A Wee Experiment will play out:

Meet me at the Firing Range

While this technically isn’t a task – there’s no reward or anything – you’ll need to head to the Firing Range to begin this questline.

Once you arrive, head down to all the weapon racks and turn right. Next to the line of crash test dummies there’s a new screen and a Loot Bin. Unfortunately the bin is locked, but we’ll get to that. Watch Horizon’s next video and she’ll explain what her deal is and what you have to do.

A Wee Experiment part 1

There are three quests to complete in this first stage, all of which revolve around playing games and… flying?

  • Gravity lift keycard requirement 1: Deal 10 damage while in midair
  • Gravity lift keycard requirement 2: Get 10 knockdowns
  • Gravity lift keycard requirement 3: Outlive 120 opponents

Each quest rewards 5,000CP and completing them all unlocks the next set of challenges – but not before going to visit Horizon’s electronic billboard for a second time.

A Wee Experiment part 2

Dr. Somers is well chuffed that you managed to complete her challenges, so opens up the supply bin for you. Inside, there is a lone Gravity lift keycard. Grab it and head back into regular matches to complete the last two challenges.

  • Activate the gravity lifts in Refinery and Skyhook within World’s Edge
  • Activate the gravity lifts in Airbase and Repulsor Station within King’s Canyon

Finding these is a little tricky, but we’ll do our best to give some directions, starting with World’s Edge.

Refinery is probably the easiest gravity lift to find. Simply drop into the large central building at the location – it’s easiest if you drop in through the big hole in the roof. Scan the green panel on the west side of the train tracks and the gravity lift should turn on. It’s the giant beam of blue light that blasts you into the air – you really can’t miss it.

Skyhook is up next, and it’s probably best to head here in a new match, as it’s on the opposite side of the map. When dropping here, head to the buildings south-east of the circular central compound. On the south side of these is another green panel that you can scan with your flashy new keycard, activating the second gravity lift for 5,000 more CP.

Airbase is our first port of call for King’s Canyon. Of course, you can complete these tasks in any order, but this is the way we’re doing it. The green panel is pretty central in Airbase (notice a theme here?), at the bottom of the large staircase. Scan your doodah and fly away to your heart’s content.

Repulsor is our final stop on the gravity lift tour. This one is easy to find, it’s on the westernmost side of Respulsor, just inside the walls and in the middle. Avoid being shot at, scan your keycard, and complete the next quest for your last 5,000 CP.

A Wee Experiment Part 3

On October 20, two more quests appeared as a part of the A Wee Experiment questline, but luckily they follow much the same pattern as the former quests. More gravity lifts have appeared across both maps, and it’s your job to test them out. Completing the two quests rewards 5,000 CP each, but there are no other rewards at present.

The Cage is a great hot drop spot in King’s Canyon, but that could work against you as you’re trying to complete this challenge. Luckily, the gravity lift is pretty easy to find, on the north side of the tower. Hit the big panel to activate the lift as usual and float away from danger as quickly as possible.

Watchtower North is the giant structure overlooking Containment – you can’t miss it if you’re looking towards Artillery. Drop in on the south side of the watchtower, so you’re facing the building’s outer wall, and use the gravity lift to float right on up on top.

Trainyard will prove difficult, due to the area’s popularity. However, if you can escape the firefight for a second, the gravity lift is located fairly centrally. The easiest way to find it is by landing at the large building on the eastern side, and head up the stairs towards the smaller buildings. The gravity lift is on your right as soon as you get to the top of those stairs.

Sorting Factory is another popular drop spot, but the gravity lift is a little secluded which will help you out. Head to the main station building – the one with the tracks running through it – and head to precisely the same spot as you did in the train station at Refinery.

There are more inactive gravity lifts across the maps, so expect more quests as we near Season 7. We’ll update this guide as soon as we can with the locations of any subsequent gravity lift challenges.

A Wee Experiment Rewards

Head back to your new favourite location, the Firing Range, and interact with the screen again. As a reward for all your hard work, Horizon will give you a nice space-y badge to use on any of your legends and a gravity lift weapon charm. You’ll also get your first look at what the secretive Scottish scientist actually looks like.

Head back to the lobby to receive your rewards, and then wait until Horizon is a playable character. We’re guessing it’ll be about a month.

A Wee Experiment Cutscenes

If completing a bunch of missions isn’t really your style – or you’re just interested in hearing what Horizon has to say – one Reddit user compiled all of her speeches into one handy video for your enjoyment!

Challenges all completed! All 3 teasers in one video from apexlegends

There you have it, a full walkthrough of A Wee Experiment. Sorry if you thought you’d be conducting the experiment and were disappointed to find out you’re nothing more than a lab rat. Hey, maybe you can make our list of the best rats now though?