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Apex Legends could be getting flamethrowers, NPCs, and remote turrets

A series of datamines have uncovered several potential additions to Respawn's battle royale

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Apex Legends is barely six weeks old, but its popularity means that an army of dataminers is already pouring over the game’s files for snippets of information. Details about the game’s upcoming battle pass have been revealed along with snippets of information about new weapons.

Both sets of information come from RealApexLeaks on Twitter. The information about the battle pass seems relatively standard, suggesting rewards including cosmetics, bonus XP, and the potential existence of both a free and premium pass. More interesting, however, are game files that suggest new weapons will be making their way to the game. A file uncovered by the dataminers reference a flamethrower projectile, while another simply says “remoteturret,” while plenty more reference voice lines and actions relating to NPCs rather than player characters.

Those first two files in particular do, at the very least, seem feasible. I can imagine a flamethrower that takes energy ammo, but I can’t imagine it’ll be a particularly effective weapon unless you plan on getting extremely up-close and personal.

When it comes to the remote turret, I’m less convinced, but I can see that it could be an ability attached to a future character. The NPC files are more confusing, and there’s multiple possibilities attached to them – from vendors, to AI-controlled teammates, there are plenty of potential applications.

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None of this is final, of course, and there’s no official release date on the battle pass or any new characters just yet. The former could potentially arrive later this month, and there are hints that new Legend Octane will show up alongside it, but so far there’s been no official confirmation on any of that information from either EA or Respawn themselves.