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Apex Legends’ next weapon could be an energy-based assault rifle named Havoc

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It looks as though Respawn is already teasing a new weapon on its way to Apex Legends. Titled the Havoc, the new weapon’s existence was uncovered by players in the game’s first patch, which arrived last night.

In that update, weapons expert Bangalore was given several new voice lines, providing some additional context to any weapons or attachments she pings. In many cases, it’s helpful information for players still learning the game, but it also appears to have revealed that a new weapon is on its way. When she pings the Prowler’s ‘Select Fire’ upgrade – which grants the weapon a fully-automatic mode – she says that that the item is perfect “if you have a Havoc or a Prowler.”

The catch, however, is that the Havoc doesn’t actually exist yet. It’s not available in-game, and nor is it a weapon from either of the Titanfall games. For Bangalore to be talking about it would suggest that it’s an entirely new weapon on its way to the game in a future update.

The voice lines uncovered in the game are backed up by Titanfall dataminer Shampooh. They say that “there is an assault rifle named the Havoc rifle, described as a full-auto charged rifle,” lurking in the game files. It sounds incredibly powerful if you’re able to equip all of its hop-ups, offering a charged shot mode that’ll do lots of damage, but consume extra ammo.

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Shampooh even goes on to suggest that it looks like Respawn was considering adding an explosive element to that charged shot, but that they’ve since decided against it. You can check out the video for yourself below.

We already knew that there would be plenty more coming to Apex Legends – new weapons will appear alongside new Apex Legends maps and characters. What’s more of a surprise is how quickly the new content seems to be appearing – we don’t have a release date just yet, but if characters are already referencing a new item, I don’t imagine it’s very far away.