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This Apex Legends name generator imagines better titles for the battle royale

Apex Legends is a good game with a bad title - let's imagine a better one

Apex Legends is, by most accounts, a great game. But there’s a similar consensus that the title is just not very good. I can say the words “Apex Legends” in one moment, and in the next I’ll entirely forget that they have meaning. It’s certainly too late now for the game to get a catchier moniker – the Apex Legends player count is too big to mess with now, after all – but a fan-made name generator helps us imagine a world where the game has a more memorable title.

The Apexy Legend-likes site has been giving the PCGN office plenty of entertainment today, so I’m just going to list a handful of our personal picks: Summit Daredevils. Tiptop Gods. A-1 Tankers. Topmost Jousters. Ruling Scrappers. Bad Tin Gods. Crowning Popular Figures. Cool Idols. Most Folk Tales. Crack Folk Stories. Max Rivals. Sans Paralel Servicepersons. And my personal favourite, Culmination Exemplars.

The site is the work of Michael Dunn O’Connor, a tabletop game designer who says on Twitter that he built the Apex Legends generator as “a joke on the way” to a character generator for his own game, Goblinville.

Apex Legends kept Titanfall out of the title, and with good reason – with no Titans and fewer movement abilities, it’s a very different game. It’s just a shame we didn’t get a good title instead. You know, like Culmination Exemplars.

But that title hasn’t had any apparent effect on the game’s reception – EA’s stock even made a massive recovery as investors got wind of how successful it’s been.

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