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Fewer than half of Apex Legends players have ever revived a teammate

Fewer than half of players on PS4 have yet to respawn a teammate in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is different to other battle royales. In Fortnite and PUBG it’s every player for themselves, with only one winner – but Respawn has built Apex with teamwork and comradery in mind. It seems like some players don’t agree with that sentiment, however.

Resetera user Kurdel posted a screenshot of PS4 Apex Legends trophy statistics after receiving one titled ‘Team Player’, that unlocks after you respawn a teammate. Each trophy reveals a percentage that represents how many players have unlocked it. The percentage for the ‘Team Player’ achievement? Just 49.5%, indicating that fewer than 50% of players on PS4 have revived a teammate in Apex Legends.

Obviously, this data doesn’t reflect players on PC, but it’s an… interesting piece of information. The discussion in the comments point to a number of reasons why this percentage might be so low.

It could be the case that a number of players picked up Apex because it’s free and then decided it wasn’t for them, or that a whole team might die at the start of the match and be unable to help each other, or maybe that people who play on PS4 are just heartless – it’s difficult to say.

The respawn achievement sits alongside other rare trophies, such as equipping your character with a Fully Kitted weapon, using Legendary helmet and body armour at the same time, and – ultra rare – reaching level 50, which only 1.3% of players have achieved.

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