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You can get Apex Legends’ Twitch bonuses without a Prime account

An oversight offers a way to get exclusive rewards without linking your Origin and Twitch accounts

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Despite having only been out for two and a half weeks, Apex Legends’ Twitch Prime deal came as quite a surprise. Respawn and EA seem to have managed to turn the deal with Amazon around in a little over a fortnight, but there’s just one problem – you currently don’t need to have Twitch Prime in order to get your free cosmetics.

If you head to Origin and click through to Apex Legends, a screen appears before you enter the game which, among other things, gives you access its launch options. According to CS:GO community creator Adam_THR on Twitter, entering the code “+twitch_prime_linked 1” will make the client think you’ve linked a Twitch Prime account with the game, even if you don’t actually have one.

We verified that code for ourselves, and confirmed that entering it will credit your account with five Apex packs and any rewards you earn from them. Presumably, this will only work if you’ve not already claimed your rewards, and I’d suggest that if you do actually have Twitch Prime, this is the less-safe option.

The Twitch Prime bonuses offer five lootboxes, each offering three rewards, and a legendary skin for everyone’s new favourite robot, Pathfinder. They’ll be automatically applied to your Origin account once you link it to your Twitch Prime.

This particular trick isn’t likely to be around for long – it’ll probably be patched out as soon as possible, so if you fancy that swanky purple Pathfinder skin, I’d move quickly.

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