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Apex Legends Twitch Prime pack brings an exclusive Pathfinder skin

The cross-promotional blitz begins

Now that Apex Legends is out and is an apparent mega-hit, the time has come for those inevitable promotional cosmetics. Twitch Prime members get a big package of fresh loot, including an exclusive skin, and the means to redeem this offer has just gone live. If you want to pull in that nifty new Pathfinder skin, it’s simple. He may be middle of the pack on our list of the best Legends, but who can hate that little thumbs-up?

If you haven’t gone through the Twitch Prime process, it’s a branch of Amazon Prime – so if you’ve got one, you’ve got the other, as long as your Amazon and Twitch accounts are linked. If you’re not subbed, you can also get a 30-day trial, which will still let you pick up the Prime loot. You can claim the bundle via the official site by linking your EA account to Twitch.

The bundle gets you an exclusive Omega Point skin for Pathfinder, as well as five Apex Packs. One point of emphasis is that you can only claim the package on one account – so if you’re playing across multiple platforms, bear in mind that you can only redeem this stuff on one of them.

Check out more Apex Legends skins in our full listing of all the looks. There’s sure to be more like this in the future.

We’ve also got guides to Apex Legends weapons and the Apex Legends map if you’re looking for more help on the way to victory.

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