You can now say ‘you’re welcome’ in Apex Legends

The latest update lets players politely reciprocate a thank you

You could always thank other players for helping you out in Apex Legends, but now thanks to the latest patch, you can reciprocate good manners with a polite ‘you’re welcome’ in return.

Senior game designer Carlos Pineda made sure of the new addition himself, highlighting the inclusion of the button on Twitter and stating that though it might be a minor thing to some, it’s something that pleases him. He cited Reddit and this Kotaku feature as his main inspirations.

The article is a celebration of being a diligently kindhearted team-player in Apex Legends. The writer talks about not being best person for kills, but being good for getting team-mates loot and other items, always pinging the locations of weapons, armour and treasure scattered about that they don’t need. They always make use of the ‘thank you’ button where applicable, but lamented not being able to send or receive a gesture back, making interactions feel one-sided. Now sentiments can be appropriately shared.

Pineda may be correct that to most a ‘you’re welcome’ button is almost redundant, but for players who really enjoy building that connection to those they’re playing with, it’s valuable. Online play can be a treacherous place, anything that makes creating kinship easier and more plausible can only be a good thing.

Manners cost nothing, and decency is often in short supply in multiplayer games of any stripe. Apex Legends is making gaming more wholesome, and for that we say thank you.