Apex Legends Beast of Prey event adds Loba Heirloom, new LTM

Apex Legends Beast of Prey details have been revealed, with a brand new limited-time mode, Gun and Run, being added, as well as Loba's heirloom

Apex Legends Beast of Prey collection event details revealed: futuristic warrios holds a bladed hand fan in front of their mask

The Apex Legends Beast of Prey collection event is due to start later this month with a limited-time mode, a bunch of new weapon skins, and Loba’s Heirloom included – if you can grind enough, that is. The battle royale event looks to be themed around Aliens and Predator, with several of the new character skins taking a page out of the intergalactic hunter’s notebook.

The event trailer begins with the introduction of the new, limited-time game mode, Gun and Run. Very similar to Call of Duty’s Gun Game, players begin the round with the same gun, then change to a different firearm with each kill. The difference between this and CoD is that the pool of weapons is shared between teammates, so you actually leapfrog over a teammate when securing a kill, getting the next weapon in line. This promotes team play, rather than who has the better individual player – although that always helps.

The round will end when one person reaches the last weapon, the new throwing knife, and manages to get a kill with it. Gun and Run will be playable on both Skulltown and Fragment East.

The new cosmetic additions to Beast of Prey include legendary skins for Horizon, Lifeline, Loba, Fuse, Pathfinder, Octane, and Rampart. My personal highlight is Lifeline’s new legendary skin; the classic green and red colour scheme with the traditional Predator mask looks rad.

In addition to the new legendary skins, Loba now has her own heirloom item – the ‘Garra de Alanza’ – a metal fan that is hiding more than a few pointy objects. Think Kitana from Mortal Kombat with a touch more class. Players can obtain the Loba heirloom by unlocking every other Beast of Prey legendary cosmetic.

The new Apex event beings on September 20, and you can earn up to 1600 points per day, so you better get grinding.

Apex Legends appears to be going from strength to strength, with its player count in August being the highest yet on Steam, and I can see this new event only improving those numbers. If you do manage to get hold of Loba’s new item and are wondering how to complete your collection, this guide on every Apex Legends heirloom set and how to get them should be a great help. For anyone returning to Apex; things have changed. You should check out this Apex Legends map guide to bone up before jumping back in.