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New Apex Legends: Defiance trailer shows off Control LTM

Respawn Entertainment also show off more Mad Maggie and the Apex Legends: Defiance battle pass

Apex Legends' new character Mad Maggie looks menacingly at a foe

Respawn Entertainment has given us a glimpse at how Apex Legends’ upcoming limited-time mode Control works. While we’ve got the gist of Defiance’s new content so far, the new gameplay trailer gives us a peep at how things will look in full flow when the season lands.

The way Control works is reasonably intuitive. Two teams of nine players fight to control three zones to rack up points for their team. The longer you keep a zone locked down, the more points you get. Once the match ends, though, the team with the most points wins. While Apex Legends’ main battle royale mode tasks you with reviving teammates, you won’t have to worry about that here as you spawn back in after being knocked out of the fight. Individual players can also stand out for their performance through a ‘fan-rating’ system. The Apex Games are a televised blood sport in-game, so we imagine racking up kills is how you’ll storm the leaderboards.

We also get some story snippets in the trailer. Control comes from the mind of Eduardo Silva, who plays a prominent role in the previous trailer, which explains why Olympus will look banged up next season. He’s also Octance’s dad, though he’s more closely tied to the new character Mad Maggie in the current story.

Speaking of, the gameplay trailer also gives us a peep at the new tooth-spitting fighter in action. While we don’t see all of her abilities on show, we know that she can send a wrecking ball hurtling towards her foes. Yikes.

Apex Legends is also getting a new battle pass, alongside more cosmetics as part of an event to celebrate the battle royale game’s third anniversary.

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

The Apex Legends: Defiance release date is currently set for February 8, 2022.