ESPN hosts Dr Disrespect for its Apex Legends tournament

Following Dr Disrespect’s temporary ban from Twitch last month after he streamed from a bathroom at E3, the streamer will compete in a new ESPN Apex Legends tournament, the prize winnings for which will go towards a cancer charity.

As detailed by The Hollywood Reporter, Dr Disrespect will appear as a contestant in a new ESPN-hosted Apex Legends competition, which will feature as part of its esports event series, EXP, and X Games Minneapolis. He will be one of over 50 videogame streamers, esports pros, athletes, and other celebrities to take on the tournament, which will see teams of three players fight it out in the battle royale to become the champions.

The winning team’s prize will be a $25,000 donation to the charity V Foundation for Cancer Research in their name. Other competitors include the Chicago Bears pro football player Tarik Cohen, musician Dillon Francis, YouTube creator Nick EH 30, and more.

The selection of Dr Disrespect is interesting given his Twitch ban. Earlier this week he tried to turn his bathroom stream into a Twitch emote, which the platform rejected. This could arguably appear to make light of the bathroom streaming, and could be seen to undermine his apology “on behalf of the Dr Disrespect brand”, which he posted last week.

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The tournament will be livestreamed later today and you can catch it on multiple channels: the ESPN esports Twitch, YouTube, and Twitter channels, ESPN app, and more.