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Posing too hard crashes Apex Legends, but a fix is coming

An Apex Legends epic pose crash is going around, but don't worry, there's a fix coming... next week.

Posing too much in Apex Legends can crash the game, apparently

A new Apex Legends crash problem is doing the rounds in one of the best battle royale games around, although the cause is an unusual one this time – posing too much. Apparently, players are experiencing crashes based on using animated epic poses, although Respawn is working on a fix for next week – and have posted a big “bug notice” in-game.

Like many other major online games, there has been no shortage of issues with Apex Legends since it released – such as the massive disconnection errors players experienced last month. This issue is a little less serious and a little more amusing than problems like that or the ongoing server problems Apex Legends seems to continuously suffer from – although it’s notable how Respawn is handling it.

As noticed by players a few weeks ago, animated epic poses have been crashing games. This wouldn’t be so bad as they can easily be unequipped, except players can use them on the lobby too – which can crash the game for anyone who views them too.

The good news is that Respawn is working on a full fix “scheduled for next week”, but more impressively has actually posted a public “bug notice” of the issue in Apex Legends itself – not only admitting the problem but making sure every Apex player is aware of it and not to use these epic poses.

This issue isn’t the only scary thing going on in Apex Legends either, as the Halloween event Monsters Within is going on right now – complete with a fantastic skin for Revenant.