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Dataminers find a new machine gun in Apex Legends’ first patch

This and the Havoc energy rifle hint at new weapons coming in March

Apex Legends, one of the best battle royale games

Despite launching only ten days ago, Apex Legends is already promising the kind of content injection schedule that it will likely need to compete with the Fortnite’s frantic pace of updates. Data mining of the game’s first patch had already uncovered hints of a new weapon, an energy rifle called Havoc, and now a third-party API site named Rez has found evidence of a light machine gun in the same patch.

Called the L-Star EMG, the machine gun will do 21 damage to the body and 42 to the head. Its fire rate and accuracy are relatively low, but accuracy will at least be consistent into long range. Rez’s data show that Havoc will fire much faster and more accurately, dealing 36 to the head and 18 to the body – among the higher numbers that we see for assault rifles.

A threadbare Valentine’s event, limited to some themed loot, is live in Apex Legends right now, but its official first season kicks off in March. That’s when the game will unveil its battle pass, as well as “new Legends, weapons, loot, and more”, according to developer Respawn. If these new guns don’t go live before then, they surely will at that point.

With an astonishing 25 million total players, two million peak concurrents, and a Twitch tournament in just ten days, Apex Legends is already a sensation.

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The question now is whether it can continue to be, and in that regard, it’s encouraging to see Respawn hit the ground running with a new content schedule.