Apex Legends livestream – join us as we aim for Champion status

Apex Legends has taken the PCGamesN office by storm. During the weeks since launch, it’s all anyone has been able to talk about, and lunchtimes are dominated by Respawn’s fantastic battle royale. And, now we’ve got a few wins under our belt, we’re ready to show off our skillz to the world in a livestream. (Yes, that ‘z’ on skillz is meant to indicate irony of the deepest form).

If you want to jump into King’s Canyon with us, you simply need to just tap the big play button on the box above, or join us over at twitch.tv/pcgamesn, or on our Facebook page.

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We’ve also got the lowdown on all the Apex Legends weapons and Apex Legends skins if you’re looking to know the game inside out. Essentially, we have everything you need to be an Apex Legend yourself.

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