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An Apex Legends Loba Heirloom might be in the works

The long overdue Apex Legends Loba Heirloom may actually be coming soon, during the battle royale's season 14, if speculation is to be believed

Apex Legends Loba Heirloom: A woman of color tosses bullets into the air

Fans are thinking an Apex Legends Loba Heirloom is coming in the battle royale’s Season 14, and they may just have good reason to think so. One of Respawn’s animators commented on Twitter that Loba has been on their mind a lot frequently, and it instantly set fans wondering what the significance of the statement might be in relation to the next Apex Legends Heirloom, if any. Since Loba doesn’t have an Heirloom yet, and there’s been no news of this season’s Heirlooms yet, the natural assumption is that Moy Parra, an animator usually involved in motion capture for Apex Legends, was involved in bringing the Loba Heirloom to life.

If you’re new to Apex Legends, Heirlooms are special cosmetic sets that come with weapon skins, unique animations and quips, and a banner. Not every Legend has their own Heirloom, though with Loba being one of the early batch of playable Legends, an Heirloom of her own seems long overdue.

Most of the comments on the original Reddit post were split between saying there was likely a less obvious, more salacious reason Loba would be on anyone’s minds, but a few pointed out some Apex leakers have long said Loba would be the next one to get an Heirloom. It’s not a huge leap to imagine, but whether these leaks are true, we’ll just have to wait and see a little longer.

Whoever gets the next Heirloom, you’ll need to do a bit of work to get it. You can’t buy Heirlooms in Apex. Instead, you have to use Heirloom Shards, obtained by opening Apex Packs. It’s a bit of a process.

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