Apex Legends LTM playlist ‘something Respawn is considering’

Respawn developers answer AMA questions about the FPS battle royale game and say an Apex Legends LTM playlist and new modes like Gun Run are under consideration

Apex Legends LTM playlist - Mirage tugs on his collar nervously as Bangalore watches on from behind

Respawn is considering an Apex Legends LTM playlist option that could rotate between some of the most popular limited-time modes for Apex players. As well as being one of the best battle royale games, Apex Legends has frequently offered a range of limited-time game modes as alternative ways to play such as the beloved Apex Legends Control mode, which pits two teams of nine against one another to hold three separate control zones.

During an AMA on the game’s subreddit, several developers from Respawn Entertainment chimed in with their thoughts on limited-time modes and such as the new Gun Run mode. An Apex Legends take on the classic ‘gun game’ modes seen in games such as Counter-Strike and Call of Duty, Apex Legends Gun Run is a four squad mode with respawns where players must earn kills to upgrade their weapons. After working their way through 25 different guns, players must then secure a kill with the final weapon, an event-exclusive throwing knife, to win the match.

Gun Run is already proving very popular among fans, and so players are already worried about its eventual departure from the play, much like other limited-time modes. As well as being a good way for players to warm up or de-stress without having to deal with the inherent tension of a full battle royale round, many LTMs are just some of the most fun Apex has to offer.

One popular suggestion from fans is an “arcade” playlist that would rotate through various limited-time modes. As user Heroneman says, “There are SO many good LTMs, one of Apex’s strengths, and yet we see them so infrequently or we only ever see a couple more than all the others.” In response, lead game designer Robert ‘RoboB0b’ West says that the idea of a playlist is “definitely something we’ll consider.”

West also promises that “there’s a lot of cool stuff happening with LTMs so keep an eye out because we’ll be sharing more in future seasons!” When asked about the idea of more LTMs featuring respawns like Control and Gun Run do, West explains that the team is “always prototyping new ideas” and that “there’s definitely a chance that we see more LTMs with the respawning mechanic in the future!”

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