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Accidental Apex Legends Newcastle buff makes him the ultimate healer

A new Apex Legends Newcastle buff turns him into an unstoppable bunny-hopping healer in the battle royale, but it probably isn't supposed to

Apex Legends Newcastle buff: Newcastle stands against a snowy background wearing grey armor and holding a rifle

An Apex Legends Newcastle buff showed up in the latest  patch that was as unexpected as it was (probably) unintentional, and players are making the most of it while they can. The accidental Newcastle buff drastically shortens the time it takes for the defender to revive allies in the battle royale, and it gives him some frankly incredible new movement abilities.

One of Newcastle’s abilities is dragging allies along as he revives them, which is ideal when you’re under fire or otherwise in a vulnerable situation – but it’s also a bit slow. After the recent patch, Newcastle can practically sprint while reviving allies under certain conditions. If you’re near a ledge and start the revival process, then drop off the ledge immediately afterwards, you can continue moving in the same direction at high speeds and even bunny hop along the way. His revive time seems much shorter too.

Since the quirk relies on momentum, it doesn’t seem like you can make it work with wallrunning, but players are enjoying it while they can anyways.

“The buff he deserved,” one fan said on Reddit. “Mf turned into an ambulance,” another commented.

There’s little doubt these fantastic new moves aren’t intentional, though. The same update introduced a new bug that seems to match your chosen Legend with abilities that aren’t their own. While leaving it would make for a fun mode or an April Fool’s joke, it’s indicative of fixes yet to be made in the game – not what Respawn envisions for the future of its team-based battle royale.

Enjoy your Newcastly buffs while you can.

Even without the tweaks to his movement, Newcastle remains among the best Apex Legends characters to use. Brush up on the best weapons for this season to help you storm the field, and if you’re new to the game, check out our Apex Legends tips to get started with.