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Apex Legends patch notes - new map and huge firing range update

The Apex Legends patch notes for season 15 have dropped, with a major firing range change and no Legend buffs or nerfs to be seen in the battle royale game

Apex Legends patch notes reveal no Legends changes in Season 15

Respawn Entertainment has released the Apex Legends patch notes for season 15, called Eclipse, and it includes an array of updates and changes to the battle royale game, but notably no buffs or nerfs to the in-game Legends themselves. There is information about the map rotation, a pretty massive change to the firing range, and a series of balance updates, but the legends remain untouched in the multiplayer game.

While there are no Legends nerfs or buffs in the Apex Legends patch notes for season 15, there are still a lot of changes to ranked, weapons, maps, quality of life changes, and bug fixes. There are some bug fixes related to a number of Legends too, but no major meta changes to be seen.

One of the more notable changes shown in the Apex Legends patch notes comes to the firing range, as now you won’t need to unlock a Legend before taking them for a spin and testing them out. This is a great move for a game like Apex Legends, with multiple very different characters to choose from. Giving all players the opportunity to try these characters out in a controlled, non-competitive environment is like free advertising, as it lets everyone try out new and old Legends alike. MultiVersus and Valorant do very similar things with their training modes, and it works wonders when picking your next fighter.

There’s also a new cosmetic in the form of stickers, which can be placed on healing items. You’ll have two available for free, with 20 others available for a limited time in the special stores tab. You can also opt-in for beta testing of DirectX 12 on PC as well starting with season 15, as Respawn wants your help with testing.

The ranked entry level requirement has also been upped, as you’ll now need to be level 20 instead of ten if you want to enter the playlist.

You can find the full Apex Legends patch notes on EA’s website, with season 15 set to launch on November 1.

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