Apex Legends reaches a new all-time player record on Steam

It's 2022, and Apex Legends just set a new all-time player record

Mad Maggie in Apex Legends

It seems that Apex Legends is only getting bigger. Three years after launch, and one year after its release on Steam, the game has just reached a brand-new concurrent player count record on Valve’s platform – the second such record since the launch of Season 12 in February. Clearly, Mad Maggie is a draw.

On Saturday, February 19, Apex Legends reached a new all-time concurrent player record of 393,116, as SteamDB shows. That’s slightly up from the 392,998 record set at the launch of Season 12, and dramatically higher than the previous record of 330,879 set at the launch of Season 9.

Of course, since Apex Legends launched at a time when EA wasn’t putting its games on Steam, we don’t have data on its earliest PC player records, but the numbers on Valve’s platform have grown substantially since it came over in 2020. The counts remained a bit flat from Season 9 onward, but it looks like Season 12 has kickstarted a new surge in interest.

Apex Legends is on a lot of console platforms, too, which sadly do not offer public player count info, but there are plenty more people playing than just those on PC.

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