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Apex Legends’ Rampart trailer has a Titanfall 2 throwback

Keep an eye out for a particular line of dialogue at the end

Apex Legends' Rampart and Kuben Blisk

As we move closer to Apex Legends’ season 6 release date, we’ve been getting various teases of what’s to come. One of the big additions is Apex’s new character Rampart. She initially got a flashy reveal and has now gained a cinematic trailer to show off her backstory, as is tradition. The thing with story trailers, though, is that they’re ripe for the picking for lore fans, and this time around they’ve spotted a throwback to Titanfall 2.

The trailer starts with Rampart sharing a drink with current Apex Legends characters Bangalore and Gibraltar. After they leave, things quickly get messy as a group of rogues attack. While Rampart does well initially, she’s eventually thwarted and blacks out. At this point, Apex Games commissioner Kuben Blisk – who you may remember as the baddie from Titanfall 2 – shows up and utters the same phrase to her as he did to Cooper in the Titanfall follow-up.

We’ve seen Blisk pop up a few times in Apex Legends. As the game’s story goes, he’s one of the Apex Games’ commissioners, which means he can invite anyone to participate. Back when the battle royale game first kicked off, Blisk also said “they kill you, they’re better, you kill them, you’re better”, which is a spin on something he says in Titanfall 2 a fair bit.

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Blisk repeats the same lines he said to Cooper back in Titanfall 2 from apexlegends

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