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Apex Legends’ Revenant has a hit box that’s too big

Apex Legends' newest legend, Revenant, seems a bit too easy to hit thanks to an absolute unit of a hitbox

The Apex Legends new Legend, Revenant, draws a pistol menacingly

Revenant is the newest legend to join Apex Legends, and he’s got a neat kit – his ultimate, Death Totem, resurrects your squad, and his Silence tactical shuts down enemy teams’ active abilities. But despite being a spindly-looking chap, it turns out Revenant is easier to hit than you might think thanks to an over-generous hitbox.

Our sister site The Loadout breaks down the problem. Basically, characters in Apex Legends are evaluated based on hitbox volume to make up for the fact that smaller characters are, generally, more difficult to hit. Thus, characters with a smaller hitbox volume take additional damage – Wraith, for example, has the smallest hitbox in the game, and therefore takes an additional 5% incoming damage.

Revenant also gets this 5% penalty. But as one redditor shows, it looks as though Revenant players are taking damage sometimes when shots appear to miss their character models. As the video below shows, shots aimed between Revenant’s arms and torso register as hits, even though they should be missing and hitting the rock behind him.

See for yourself:

5% Damage increase doesnt seem justified for Revenant. His Hitbox is actually pretty disjointed in many areas from r/apexlegends

That may keep Revenant down toward the bottom of our Apex Legends tier list, at least until Respawn does something to patch the hitbox. But if you’re willing to risk the extra damage, you can find out all about Revenant’s abilities and playstyle here.

If you’re feeling nostalgic about Apex Legends’ debut, you’re in luck: for the next two days, you can play the Season 1 version of the King’s Canyon map.