Apex Legends Season 16 adds Nemesis AR and updated gun range for tests

Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry brings the Nemesis burst AR along with several new customization settings and quality-of-life changes for the firing range.

Apex Legends Season 16 adds Nemesis AR and updated gun range for tests: girl with red hair looking into a light source

The new Apex Legends Season 16 weapon is a burst AR called the Nemesis, and it’s being added alongside a number of updates to the firing range to give players more control over how guns are tested in the FPS game. These additions will be available as soon as Apex Legends Season 16 releases early next week, on February 14.

Lead weapons designer Eric Canavese provided plenty of info on the Nemesis during last week’s Revelry press event, saying that this AR is a third, strong option next to the R-301 and Flatline rifles — two guns that dominate assault rifle picks.

“It’s tuned quite hot, it does a lot of damage… it’s a personal favourite, and many playtesters’ favourite in our playtests,” Canavese said. “We’re really excited to see how it shakes up the meta this season.”

The weapon is a four-round burst energy assault rifle that has a unique feature – a ramping burst that reduces the time between each burst as you fire. The gun can simulate a fully automatic weapon, so you’re able to hold down the trigger to speed up the bursts and apply some real pressure on opponents. 

The reduced interval ramp is a type of charge that holds for a decent amount of time, allowing you to reload, rotate, etc. and return to firing at a rapid rate. On top of that special ability, the Nemesis can use all of the attachments that are usually available for ARs, including barrels, magazines, tactical stocks, and any AR optics.

Apex Legends Season 16 adds Nemesis AR and updated gun range for tests: girl with red hair holding a gun

As for the firing range, multiple options were added to the settings for a much more personalized experience when testing out weapons. Most of these options involve the dummies that players shoot at.

The dummies can now move side to side at adjustable speeds, and their shields can be swapped to test damage in more specific situations. There are even new hit indicators and damage trackers on screen that provide more info.

And, it may sound simple, but the most exciting quality-of-life update for the firing range allows players to toggle unlimited ammo instead of having to constantly pick up rounds on the ground in the middle of running tests.

When you’re done trying it out in the firing range, you’ll be able to use the Nemesis in the new 6v6 TDM mode for some live test runs against other players.