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Apex Legends Season 6 brings us Rampart and a new crafting system

Say hello to Rampart and Sheila

The Apex Legends Season 6 release date has been confirmed in a new trailer introducing us to the latest character, Rampart – and her big ol’ gun, Sheila. Season 6 is called Boosted, and will arrive in just a few weeks. Aside from the new Legend, we’re also getting a new weapon in the Volt SMG and a whole new crafting system.

Apex Legends Season 6 – Boosted will launch on August 18. As the early datamines suggested, our new character is Rampart – a tech expert who’s into engineering weapons. We don’t yet officially know what that means in gameplay terms, but the early leaks hinted that her ultimate would be a placeable heavy machine gun, though that’s certainly subject to change in the final release.

We’re also getting a new crafting system this season. The official description says “Don’t like your gear? Collect materials around the map and build something better!” So don’t expect to be building walls and ramps, Fortnite-style, but it does seem that there’ll be a more flexible way of getting new gear. It’ll be a little longer before we get the full breakdown of how the feature works, however.

Our new weapon is the Volt SMG, which originates in the Titanfall series. There, it fires hitscan energy rounds with minimal recoil and a fast reload – expect similar traits when it lands in Apex.

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