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Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension confirms new map, vehicles, character

Players will be seeing major changes in Season 7, including a new map, vehicle, and character

Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension has finally been officially confirmed by EA and developer Respawn Entertainment. It brings bags of new content to keep one of the best battle royale games exciting and fresh, with clubs, vehicles, and a brand new map on the way, which we’ll dive into in just a second.

The first confirmation is that the next character in Apex Legends, Horizon, will be available when Season 7 kicks off. Speaking of which, we’ve finally got a confirmed release date for the new season, which will be hitting our monitors on November 4. This is hardly surprising as it’s the end date of Season 6, but 2020 has thrown us some curveballs so it’s good to have everything spelled out for us.

Horizon escaped from a black hole and now has a mastery of gravity, which she aims to use to get home to Olympus to be reunited with her son. We’re going to assume that she made it back – although exactly when she got back is a different matter – because Apex Legends Season 7 is bringing players a brand new map on, you guessed it, Olympus.

We don’t know a lot about the map itself at present, but it’s been teased for a while – the likes of Ash, Mirage, and Lifeline have all mentioned Olympus, the city in the clouds. Of course, it was also the scene of the murder of Loba’s parents in Season 5.

When it comes to playing on the map, we know it will be big. In fact, it sounds really big, as Respawn has also added the Trident, a vehicle for your squad to speed up travel through the skies.

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EA also confirmed a new battle pass, with 100 exclusive items as usual, and clubs, a brand new feature. These look similar to guilds, where you can team up with “likeminded players” to build a community larger than just your immediate teammates. Apex Legends will also be coming to Steam on November 4, for anyone who doesn’t fancy the Origin launcher any more. Don’t worry: all your progress will carry over if you make the change.

We’re very excited to put our boots on the ground of Apex Legends’ third map, and to try out all the new features, vehicles, and clubs. We’ll keep you updated as we find out more about everything related to Season 7.