Apex Legends self-revive is dead, press F to pay respects

Apex Legends' self-revive knockdown shield is no more, as Respawn have chosen to remove the mechanic from their flagship battle royale coming into Season 14

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Apex Legends’ self-revive gold knockdown shield was one of the most important items in the battle royale game, as it could resurrect your Legend from the brink of death and send them hurtling back into the fray in an instant. Unfortunately, coming into Apex Legends Season 14, this live-saving feature is being removed entirely, causing players across the Outlands to pay tribute to the system.

As we come into Apex Legends Season 14, all eyes are on new Legend, Vantage, and the new features that have been added to the iconic King’s Canyon.

One thing that has managed to slip through the cracks, however, is that Respawn are completely removing the self-revive mechanic from the game’s gold knockdown shield, replacing it with the Guardian Angel perk that used to be associated with gold backpacks.

As the bell tolls to usher in Season 14, players have taken to Reddit to pay tribute to Apex Legends’ self-revive knockdown shield – 09.08.2022, gone but not forgotten.

apex legends self-revive sheilf removed season 14 gold knockdown in storage

Lamenting the loss of their lifesaving friend, many an Apex player has showed off their highlight plays using the gold knockdown shield’s resurrection function.

“In honour of self-revive being removed today, here’s my best clip with it,” writes one. Under heavy fire from a whole slew of enemies, they wind up getting knocked down, but go on to win the match as the ring smothers the last remaining player.

“Since self-res dies today, here is the best one I ever pulled off. Still don’t know how this happened, had to be a troll right?” comments another, who pulls off a remarkable revive that wins them the game.

A final post reads “no more end game boxing matches, no more Mirage revives, no more gold backpack combos, I’ll miss you,” receiving over 4k upvotes for their touching tribute.

Balancing out those who will miss the self-res mechanic, though, are plenty of players who are glad to see the feature removed. “In the past two days I’ve won two games because of the Gold Knockdown. I love it but I also totally get why it should go,” writes one, with another echoing “it’s for the best. Self-res was extremely annoying to play against, really slowed down the game, wasn’t satisfying to use on yourself most of the time, and was a general pain in the a**. I won’t miss it.”

Love it or loathe it, Apex Legends’ self-revive knockdown shield is gone for good. This may mean you need to try out some new Apex Legends characters to compensate, or, alternatively, you’ll maybe need to get to know the Outlands better with our Apex Legends maps guide. Either way, Season 14 is here, and you had better be ready.